Central Secretary General MWM women wing Khanum Zahra Naqvi visit of Bahawalpur, Khanum Tahira Gardaizi elected as district Secretary General Women wing.

09 December 2016

Wahdat News (Bhawalpur) Central Secretary General MWM women wing Khanum Zahra Naqvi made detailed visit of of Bahawalpur and addressed a Majlis Aza held in relevance to the mourning days of "martyrdom of Imam Hassan Askari a.s”. A large number of women and children attended this Majlis. In her address, Central Secretary General MWM women wing Sister Zahra Naqvi highlighted the life and tradition of Imam Hassan Askari, political and social incidents, preparation for the minor and major occultation and reappearance of Imam of the Time (A.F.).
Beside this, Central Secretary General women wing sister Zahra Naqvi held a detailed meeting with the cabinet of district Bahawalpur. After that, sister Tahira Gardaizi elected as Secretary General women wing District Bhawalpur and her oath taking was held.


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