MWM women wing organized training and social media workshop in Islamabad.

30 December 2016

Wahdat News (Islamabad) MWM women wing organized training and social media workshop at central secretariat, Islamabad. Women members across the country attended the workshop. Central Secretary General MWM women wing Khanum Zahran Naqvi shed light on positive role of women in the history. Secretary Wahdat Youth Pakistan Dr. Muhammad Younis gave lecture on current situation of Pakistan, sister Umul Banin Zahra gave lecture on media reports and their utilities. Brother Shujaat briefed the participants about the use of social media, graphics designing and photography through multi-media projector.

Allama Ejaz Hussain Bahishti was the last speaker of the training and social media workshop, who shed light on the responsibilities of Shias in the major occultation and message of Imam Hassan Askari to Ibn-e-Bawia and Shias.

Sister Syed Zahra Naqvi said in her address that in every era, women have played an important role for the betterment of the society. History is witness that without the positive role of women, no nation can prosper. Therefore, we have to understand our and fulfill responsibilities. Our women possess lot of talent and they can play their role for the betterment of the society by using this talent.

Sister Umul Banin Zahra gave lecture on media awareness and said that this era is an era of media propaganda. We have to play role against sedition and should know how to use the social media so that we can save our next generation from its negative effects. Those nations make progress that have the traditions of positive preaching. We have to take advantage of positive use of social media a.

At the end of the workshop, on behalf of MWM Mrs. Nargis Sajad Naqvi secretary training women wing thanked the participants of the workshop.


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