Former Iranian President Ayatolah Ali Akbar Hashmi Rafsanjani died, announcement of Three days of mourning.

14 January 2017

Wahdat News (Monitroing desk) Former president Islamic Republic of Iran and Chairman of the Expediency Council Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rajsanji died. Ayatollah Hasmi was the old fellow of Imam Khomenie and Leader of Islamic Revolution Imam Khamnei. Ayatollah Hashim Rajsanjani was elected as first speaker of Irani Parliament after the success of Islamic revolution. He had played very important role in the success of Islamic revolution. He also elected as fourth president of Iran and he was twice elected as president. Aytaollha Hashmi Rajsanjani remained speaker of Iran’s parliament for many terms. Ayatollah Hashmi Rajsanjani also remained present of council of Experts and leadership council . Ayatollah Hasmni Rajsanjani was also remained the Chairman of the Expediency Council .

He was the vanguard of the movement of Islamic revolution. He was imprisoned seven times during this movement. He spent overall four and half years in jail. But his determination could not broke.

On his demise, three days of mourning was announced in Iran. Educational institutes will also close for three days. The dead body of Ayatollah Hashmi Rajsanjani was taken to Hussania Jamaran from martyr Tajrish hospital. After that, his devotees reached there in large number.

Ayatollah Hashmi Rajsanjani was born in 1934 in the rich family of district Beharman, Rafsanjan province. He went to Qom at the age of 14 for religious education, where he became student of Ayatollah Brojardi, Ayatollah Imam Khomeni, Ayatollah Syed Muhaqiq Mir Damad, Ayatollah Muhammad Raza Gulpaigani and Ayatollah Muhammad Hussain Tabatabai.

Note that Ayatollah Hashmi Rajsanjani was admitted to the hospital martyr Tajrish hospital but could not recover and died in the hospital.


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