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Wahdat News (Karachi) , Head of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jaffri announced the year of Maarfat Imam of the time a.s. We will start the making the reappearance of Imam of the time a.s. Ambassadors of the reappearance of Imam of the time women and men who prepared people while visiting their home . This year, poets, writers, Khteeb should write and read about Imam Mehdi a.s. Aima e Juma and preacher should talk about Imam of the time.

Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen and other organizations should organize seminars, conferences, and special gatherings in relevance to the personality of Imam Mehdi a.s. Joint conference with Ahle Sunnat on Creed of Mehdaviat should be organized. Dua e Ehad should be regularly recited in daily prayers. Ziarat e Aashoora, Recitation of Holy Quran and Salwat should be presented to Imam. Researcher should write articles on Imam of the time and should spread these articles to people.

Wahdat News (Karachi) Addressing the magnificient Istehkam e Pakistan o Imam Mehdi conference organized by Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen and Majlis Ulema Shia Pakistan, member of Supreme council of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Allama Ameen Shahidi said that Istehkam e Pakistan conference organized by Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen is the need of the hour. The objective of this gathering is to tell the world that we are the real solider of Imam Mehdi a.s. . We also want to tell the world that the stability of Pakistan is very dear to us. This is our country and we are the real heirs of it. We are ready to fight with enemy of Imam Mehdi a.s. Today's gathering is the of Followers of Islam and oppressed people. America, Europe, Israel are behind the 39 countries Saudi alliance. It is the creed of Shia, Sunni, Brailvi, Deobandi, Shafai, Malki sects that Imam Mehdi a.s. (descendant of holy prophet Muhammad PBUH&HP) will come and will fill the world with justice. Aspirants of fighting against Imam Mehdi should first dare to fight with the slaves of Imam Mehdi a.s.

 Wahdat News (Karachi) Addressing the magnificient Istehkam e Pakistan o Imam Mehdi conference organized by Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen and Majlis Ulema Shia Pakistan, Central President of Majlis Ulema Shia Pakistan Allama Mirza Yousaf Hussain said that current government and state institutions animosity against Shia is on peak. Kidnapping of Ulema, youth and those doing national service is condemnable. Restrictions on Azadari Syed ul Shohda is conflicting with the basic citizen rights. He said that Majlis Ulema Shia Pakistan will continue to oppose Pakistan's joining in American Israeli Saudi alliance.

He said that we will strongly oppose the government steps against Azadari and Imam Barghas.

Wahdat News (Skardu) Provincial Secretary General of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen and renowned religious scholar Syed Ali Rizvi and Secretary General district Skardu Sheikh Fida Ali Zeeshan declared that FIR registered against Allama Bilal Zubairi and Sheikh Hassan Johri, who protested against the incompetence of government, is a conspiracy of sabotaging the peaceful atmosphere of Baltistan and an attempt of usurping the basic citizen rights. Attempts to arrest these Ulema is unacceptable.

Agha Ali Rizvi said that local administration should come to its senses. It might not be happened that their anti-people and anti-area act push this area towards unrest. We don't want to destroy the peace of the area. However, administration has given freedom to criminals, corrupt elements, terrorists, drug sellers and make the livings of those who raise voice for the public rights hard, then we will bound to show the true face of the government and administration. Therefore, we warn the administration that if any attempt of arresting any religious scholar will be made then the entire responsibility of the situation will lie on the administration.

Wahdat News (Quetta) Services of military leadership in a war of eradicating terrorism and controlling the situation of Balochistan cannot be ignore. Terrorists hideouts are being attacked in an ongoing operation. Today, we all are united. We have recognized our enemy and this is the best time to eliminate their name from the land of the beloved homeleand.

Leader of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Rasheed Khan Toori expressed these views while talking to the delegations came at divisional secretariat. He said that CPEC project has the main role behind the struggle of restoring peace in Quetta. Our nation is united and committed to eliminate those having terrorist mentality and their facilitators.

Wahdat News (Karachi) Central leader of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Pakistan Allama Ahmad Iqbal Rizvi, Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi, Allama Mukhtar Imami and others thanked Shia and Sunni participants for the magnificent success of Istehkam e Pakistan o Imam Mehdi a.s. conference. They said that we thanked to all those who attended this conference by considering it their religious responsibility and the need of the hour.

In their statement, central leaders also thanked Sindh police, Sindh Rangers and other Security institutions and civil administration fro providing best security.

Paying gratitude to journalists for giving good media coverage of the conference in the media, leaders said that journalists have fully cooperated us on this important occasion, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Central leaders said that Istehkam e Pakistan o Imam Mehdi conference , proved to be , referendum , against International imperial forces, Masses have rejected these rulers who are damaging the country in their American slavery.

Wahdat News (Karachi) Addressing to the participants of magnificent Istehkam e Pakistan o Imam Mehdi a.s. conference organized by Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen and Majlis Ulema Shia Pakistan at Nishtar Park, Karachi, Secretary General MWM Sindh Allama Maqsood Ali Domaki said that dishonest to Hermain e Sharifain has been exposed  by welcoming great evil and declaring war on Son of Holy Prophet, and Allah's Hujjat Imam Mehdi as.. Dishonesty of House of Saud and its master America to Islam and Muslims has been exposed. We will not let Pakistan to become the American colony. Pakistan is independent and sovereign country. It should not be used to achieve the imperial interests.

In a statement, he said that Hezbollah is the pride of Humanity. Speaking against it is the trademark of Hezb e Shaitan (Devil's party). Thanks to Almighty Allah that all devils of the world have been exposed as they are standing against Saints of Allah. Masses awaiting for the reappearance of Imam of the Time are present in Yemen, Behrain, Nigeria, Lebanon and other parts of the world.

He made demand that Nawaz League should revisit its Anti-Shia stance. Shia are not second class citizen of this country. Nawaz government should mend its ways and should made pledge of excellence of country and nation and not the slavery of Saudis and Americans. Slavery of Saudis and Americans will be the hangman's knot of Nawaz Sharif. In the battle of righthood and falsehood, we are not spectators but we are with the righthood.

Wahdat News (Karachi) Secretary General Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Khber PakhtunKhawa Allama Muhammad Iqbal Bahishti said that the holding of Istehkam e Pakistan o Imam Mehdi a.s. conference in the context of national and International sensitive situation is the need of the hour. Today, enemy not only challenging Shian e Haider e Karar but also Imam Mehdi a.s. We want to tell the enemy that Devotees of Imam Mehdi a.s. are awake and are present in the field to face America, Israel, and their slave Arab Kingdoms.

Addressing to the Istehkam e Pakistan o Imam Mehdi conference organized by MWM Sindh at Nishtar Park, Allama Muhammad Iqbal Bahishti said that today there are Takfiri terrorist centers in Northern areas of the beloved homeland, Abottabad, Hazara, and Haripur. Takfiri terrorists were facilitated to run away from jails of Dera Ismail Khan, Bannu, and Kohat and they were sent to abroad for their induction in Daish.

He said that government is patronizing Takfiri elements who are involved in terrorism in Kohat, Hangu, and Parachinar. Takfri terrorists are part of different Jirgas. He further said that terrorists are being settled by occupying our thousands of Kanals lands. Trenches are being made around Parachinar. The purpose of these trenches is not to save the city but to divide the city. In the same way, grounds are paved for settling Al-Qaida and Daish there. Patriotic Shias will not let any Zia's remains conspiracies of settling Daish and Al-Qaida in Parachinar to succeed.

He said that Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen will confront these conspiracies in the field by considering its religious and national duty. It will become the voice of oppressed and will stop the way of oppressor. We expect that Ummet e Muslima will remain vigilant and present in the field.

Wahdat News (Karachi) Deputy Secretary General Majlis Wahdat Muslimmeen Azad Kashmir Allama Talib Hussain Hamdani said that Muslims are being massacred in Indian Occupied Kashmir, while Pakistani government has put the Kashmir Issue behind just to protect their personal interests.

Addressing to Istehkam Pakistan o Imam Mehdi conference organized by MWM Sindh at Nishtar Park Karachi, Allama Talib Hussain Hamdani said that the role of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Pakistan is praise-worthy as it has shown solid stance on Kashmir issue and practically stand shoulder to shoulder with oppressed Kashmiris.

He said that with his relentless services, Provincial Secretary General MWM Azad Kashmir Allama Tassawar Jawad Naqvi has paved the ground in Azad Kashmir for Islamic values. In this year, Anti-state and Anti-Islam Takfiri terrorist elements attacked on him, in which he along with his wife was seriously injured. Anti-Islam Takfiriat is afraid of our perseverance. We have not left the platform of Peace and unity. We will stick to the way to Allah while bearing all the oppression and repression and will pave the ground for the reappearance of Imam Mehdi a.s.

Wahdat News (Faisalabad) Faisalabad: Khairul Amal Trust held Awareness walk from district council chowk to press club on World Asthma day.

Molana Syed Fazal Abbas Kazmi led the walk. A large number of citizens attended the walk. Citizens appreciated this step of Khairul Amal Welfare trust.

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