On the festive occasion of birth anniversary of Hazrat Syeda Fatima (s.a.), under the auspices of MWM inauguration of four newly consturcted mosques in Karachi, Lahore, Hafizabad and Gilgit

05 April 2016

Wahdat News (Karachi/Lahore/Hafizabad/Gilgit) On this festive occasion of birth anniversary of Hazrat Syeda, with the support of Hayat Imam Hussain (a.s.) Kuwait under the auspices of Khairul Amal Foundation ― a welfare wing of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen ― inauguration of four newly constructed mosques in Karachi, Lahore, Hafizabad and Gilgit.

Chairman Khaiul Amal Foundation Pakistan Allama Syed Baqir Abbas Zaidi formally inaugurated the mosque and Imam Bargha al-Imam al-Hujjatiya (a.f.) in Lashari mohallah, Eido Goth Paberi BinQasim, Malir. Festival of Hazrat Syeda Fatima (s.a.) was also organized on this occasion. Divisional secretary general Hassan Hashmi, Raza Naqvi, Mubashir Hassan, Meesom Abidi, Sajjad Akbar, District Secretary General Malir Syed Ahsan Abbas Rizvi, District Secretary General Karachi East Zaman Rizvi, District Secretary General Karachi-center Zain Raza, President Shia Ulema Council Karachi division Molana Karam u din Waazi, Molana Fida Ali Mufakri, Molana Manzoor Hussain, MWM leader Molana Nishan Haider Sajadi, Molana Mansoor Rohani, Molana Insaf Ali Haideri, Molana Sadiq Haideri and a large number of Faithful were present there on this occasion.
Note that old name of this mosque was mosque Jamakran which is in weary condition and did not met the demands of faithful. By the grace of Allah, MWM provided the facility of mosque, Imam Bargha, library, cold storage and other facilities.

Secretary Preaching of Islamic teachings MWM Punjab and Secretary Finance MWM Punjab Molana Hassan Hamdani inaugurated the mosque, Quran center and Imam Bargha Imam Baqir (a.s.) at Lahore. A large number of faithful of the area were present on this occasion.
Molana Hassan Hamdani also inaugurated the mosque Jamia Syed al-Masooma (s.a.) in PindiBhattian, Hafizabad. Local leadership of MWM were present on this occasion.

Secretary Welfare MWM Gilgit Bakhtawar Khan and In-charge Provincial Secretariat Ali Haider inaugurated the mosque Al-Imam al-Hussain (a.s.) in Gilgit.


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