Eradication of terrorism is not possible without eradicating Takfiri ideology. Allama Hashim Moosvi

27 January 2017

Wahdat News (Quetta) Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Quetta division took out a protest rally from Prince road to protest against the bomb attack in Parachinar and recent target killing in Karachi. A large number of people attended this rally and expressed their anger and wrath.

Addressing the participants, Central leader of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen and Imam Jumma Quetta Allama Hashim Moosvi said that people of Parachinar was targeted under a well-planned conspiracy in this recent attack. In this attack dozens of armless people were martyred and injured. Government is committing negligence in providing defense and health facilities to people of Parachinar. It seems that movement does not consider the patriotic people of Parachinar as their own people. The reason of this perception is that someone feels pain in heart for other persons. However rulers do not feel pain for the people of Parachinar.

Parachinar is very sensitive area and it is surrounded by Afghanistan from three sides. Majority of people of this area belongs to Shia School of thought. That is why Taliban and DAISH like terrorist parties are continuously targeting this area. In the same way, RAW and Khad are hatching conspiracies of separating this area from Pakistan as we can see the increasing influence of India in Afghanistan.
He further said that people of Paracinar have always themselves foiled such conspiracies by exhibiting their patience and courage. Earlier, this area was under siege by Takfiri terrorists for five years. However people of this area gave unprecedented sacrifices to defeat terrorists. However, we are saying with heavy heart that security institutions and government are snatching their legal arms. There are apprehensions in the area and people of the area feel unsafe in this situation. Therefore, government and security institutions should return their defense weapon as early as possible to redress their apprehensions. Similarly, target killing should be stopped in Karachi and massive operation should be started against Takfiri terrorists to eliminate them.



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