Chief-minister should call all-parties conference on Census. Devise a consensus strategy by taking all political parties into confidence. Allama Barkat Ali Baloch

01 February 2017

Wahdat News (Quetta) Newly elected Provincial Secretary General Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Balochistan Allama Barkat Ali Baloch said in his statement that free and transparent population census and housing census is a legal and constitutional requirement. Because of not holding census, Balochistan province will be lagging behind which is harmful for the province and people of province. All Political parties understand this and no one has objection over census. However, considering political, geography and objective conditions, population census and housing census is a sensitive issue. Due to census, differences can be crated among nations living in province. Therefore, considering the sensitiveness of this issue, it is required that chief minister Balochistan Nawab Sanaullah Zahra should call all-parites conference as early as possible, where all political parties present their apprehensions and then devise a consensus line of action by taking all stakeholders into confidence so that no one’s right could be usurped and unity could be promoted among brother nations. Without taking people of Balochistan into confidence and without redressing their apprehensions can create problems in population census and housing census. Government of Balochistan is like a father figure for the people of Balochsitan. Therefore, provincial government should fulfill their responsibilities and find a solution of this problem and create unity among brother nations of the province to hold the population census and housing census in a good manner.


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