Salvage of Muslims lies in the following of the orders of Allah. Allama Mirza Hussain, Central President Majlis Ulema Shia Pakistan

27 April 2017

Wahdat News (Karachi) Central Presient of Majlis Ulema Shia Pakistan Allama Mirza Yousaf Hussain said that Gift of prayers were given on Miraj ul Nabi (PBUH&HP).

Addressing to the gatherings in Nazimabad, Karachi, he said that Allah has bestowed Meraj with body and spirit which is an alive miracle and could not forget till day of judgment. He asked Muslim Uma to follow the Islamic teachings and Allah's order and should try to please our Creator and Holy Prophet (PBUH&HP). Therefore, we should intensify our efforts for getting the pleasure of Allah. This should be our mission and objective.  


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