By giving government jobs on the basis of sect government itself is accelerating sectarian, Arif Qambri

27 December 2016

Wahdat News(Gilgit) dispensers are not available at district head quarter hospital Gilgit, due to strike of paramedical staff, patients visiting OPD are also facing problems. Government is neglecting this issue , as no representative has yet negotiated with this paramedical staff.

Deputy secretary general of MWM Gilgit Baltistan Arif Qambri said that unjust steps taken by the government are creating deprivation and pessimism in public, ignoring merit and giving jobs on the basis of sect is accelerating sectarian. Commander of forces and chief secretary should take immediate action, use of power does not have positive results. He said that to imprison the protesters is against democracy, use of power at wrong place is cruel, and this particular attitude of Nawaz league is disturbing the peace and stability of Gilgit Baltistan. For arbitrary hiring in health department a senior officer is bypassed and a person who is acquiesce to the government is appointed as director. In Noon league rule all ministers are misusing state budget. Nepotism and corruption are on its rise. NAB is also too ineffective. Former and current government has maintained records in corruption. He further added that we will be compelled to accelerate protest if do not get the desired justice.


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