Public protest Jalsa in Skardu against tragic incident of Parachinar, demand of action against FC officials.

02 April 2017

Wahdat News (Skardu) Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Gilgit-Baltistan and Imamia Students Organization Baltistan division held protest Jalsa against tragic incident of Parachinar, large number of people attended this jalsa. Addressing to the protest Jalsa, speakers said that despite the start of operation RadulFassad, government is hapeless before terrorists. Only word operation and National Action Plan are not enough rather there is need of erradication of terrorists and their facilitators. Rulers are badly fail in protecting the lives and properties of people. Because of government's incompetence, people are bound to think that all this is the consequence of disloyality of rulers. Self-interested and oblivant of public issues, corrupt group by becoming rulers for looting public money and sending this money to foreign bank accounts these rulers are making wrong claims. Army chief and head of security instiutions are warned that they should not fall into expediency in fulfilling their duties. FC officials' firing has proved that they have such elements who can do anything on the behest of Takfiri terrorists. Army chief should expose such elements and they should be given exemplary punishments. Provincial Secretary General MWM Agha Ali Rizvi, Provincial Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Ahmad Ali Noori, President of ISO Baltistan Syed Athar Moosvi, Head of MWM district Skardu Molana Fida Ali Zeeshan, Molana Zulfiqar Azizi, Secretary General Tehsil Gamba Molana Ali Muhammad Kareemi, senior leader Molana Fida Ali Abidi and others addressed the protest rally. A resolution has been presented in the portest Jalsa, in which terrorirst attacks in Parachinar and FC officials' firing were condemned in the strong words, constitutional rights for Gilgit-Baltistan and equal share in CPEC have been demanded. Forbidding General (r) Raheel Sharif to become the head of controvertial allied force. Closure of newspapers for several days has been strongly criticized. Regarding women trafficking issuesm it has been demanded that it should be transparently investigated and perpators should be identified. Usurping public property under Khalisa Sarkar should be strongly condemned and government is warned that without paying the compensationm even a single inch will not let be occupied. On putting religeous scholar of Shigar Sheikh Fida Hussain Abidi and President ISO in Schedule-IV, short-sightedness and prejudice of provincial government has been criticized in the Jalsa.


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