Terrorists groomed by Israel and America has spilled the blood of innocent Muslims and descrated the sacred month of Rajab. Allama Iqbal Bahishti

03 April 2017

Wahdat News (Haripur) Provincial Secretary General Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Khyber PakhtunKhawa Allama Muhammad Iqbal Bahishti strongly condemned the bomb explosion in Parachinar. He said that if last operation against terrorism was successful then today there is no need to start the new operation with new name. He expressed these views in an emergency press confernece at the residence of Shia leader Nayyar Abbas Jaffri. On this occasion, Provincial Deputy Secretary General Allama Waheed Abbas Kazmi, Nusrat Shah and others were present. He said that ... In this month, infidels too consider the spilling of blood an illegal act. successive attacks on the adjoining area of border along Afghanistan is prove of this thing that Daish is present in Pakistan. Government in this regard sometimes deny this fact while sometimes accept this fact. This is the reason that due to the loose grip of government, terrorists are playing with blood of innocent people. Parachinar is that area whihc was not under control of Taliban while other six agencies came under the control of Taliban. Today people of Parachinar are punished for their patriotism. Families of martyrs have no right to protest for their right. In the fresh incident, six heirs of martyrs of the fresh incident have been made injured in firing by FC officials. Their only crime is that they are protesting for their legal rights. new name.. He sai dhtat it is unfortunate that former Army chief has become the head of American and Israel alliance who made Daish.


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