MWM district Muzaffargarh announces to organize "Everyone's Hussain " on May 12.

01 May 2017

Wahdat News (Muzaffargargh) Secretary General Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen district Muzaffargargh Ali Raza Toori said that presenting terrorists on media with smiling face is treason to the martyrdom of 80 thousands Pakistani martyrs. Terrorists have carried out terrorists acts in the country, burned the dead-bodies, beheaded the heads of Jawans and officers of Security forces and played football with them, played blood bath with the bloods of innocent students of Army Public School. They are now confessing all these terrorists acts on media with smiling face. Some traitor journalists are now vowing for their forgiveness in the media.
He expressed these views while addressing the district cabinet meeting in Central Imam Bargha Imamia Muzaffargarh.
He further said that terrorists are once again become active and the recent example of this fact is the gift of 17 funerals in Parachinar within 1 month.
He said that rulers have given free hand to terrorists while they themselves are busy in corruption. It has been decided in the cabinet meeting of the Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen district Muzaffargarh that MWM district Muzaffargarh announces to organize "Everyone's Hussain " on May 12.
All poliitcal parties will be given invitation for this conference. Ali Raza Toori chaired the Cabinet meeting . while other participants are Syed Imran Raza advocate, Shafqat Ali Kazmi, Syed Naeem Kazmi, Allama Syed Aabid Fatimi, Syed Asad Abbas Shah, Adnan Haider Taheem advocate, Aamir bak, Shokat bak, and others.


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