Land of Khairpur resounded with the slogans of Haider Haider, MWM organized Azmat e Ali o Zahra conference.

11 April 2017

Wahdat News (Khairpur) MWM organized Azmat e Ali o Zahra conference at Kamb cricket stadium. Leaders of different religious parties of Millat Tashayyu, families of martyrs, notables of the area, and a large number of workers attended the conference. Quaid e Wahdat Allama Raja Nasir Abbas made a telephonic address to the participants of the conference. Honorable member of Supreme Council of Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen Allama Haider Ali Jawadi, Provincial Secretary General Sindh Allama Maqsood Ali Domaki, Central Spokesman Allama Mukhtar Ahmad Imami, Provincial Deputy Secretary General Molana Nishan Haider Sajidi, Molana Naqi Haideri, Molana Syed Sammar Naqvi, Allama Ahmad Ali Tahiri, Molana Sajjad Mohsini, and brother Aftab Mirani also addressed the conference.

In his telephonic address, Central Secretary General MWM Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jaffri said that blood of martyrs will not go in vain. We will not sit with comfort until the elimination of last terrorist in the country. We will continue the struggle along with the moderate outfits against extremism. Friendly relationship of government personalities with banned outfits and extremists is unfortunate and treason to the blood of martyrs. Millat Tashayyu has to bear the damages of terrorism more than anyone else. Entire nation is at protest against this hypocritical attitude. Our best professionals, doctors, lawyers, professors, and highly-educated people have been targeted in the target killing. This stance is unfortunate that establishment of military courts too could not provide us justice. This lenient attitude with the terrorists involved in Shia killings is a proof of dual standard of justice in our country.

He warned the government that if our missing persons will not recover immediately then we are bound to stage strong protest.

He said that protest on the matter of missing persons can be made in the parliament after the consultation of allied political parties. He said that interference of America in Muslim countries is the basic reason of downfall of Ummet e Muslima. Islamic countries can razed the arrogance of Trump to ground by banning the use of dollars. He said that now time has come to unmask the so-called Muslim rulers pursuing the interests of Jews and Christians. Daish, Al-Nasra, Taliban, and other terrorist parties have been backed. Hue and cry of International forces on the defeat of these terrorist parties in Syria and Lebanon is sufficient to understand their relationships. Eradication of these terrorist elements is a guarantee to the peace in the world.

Central Spokesman Allama Mukhtar Imami said that Shia Sunni alliance will prove as death to the intentions of anti-state elements. We should strive for this alliance at all levels. Those who wept on the defeat of Daish in Halab must be ready for their defeat in Mosel. Terrorists retreating from Syria is coming to Pakistan. These terrorists should be dealt with iron hands.

Allama Maqsood Ali Domaki said that Millat Tashayyu is guard of law and constitution of the country. We have always played responsible role in the stability of the country. Rulers should give up the idea of pushing us against the wall. We know well how to defend our rights. Neither criminals involved in Sehwan tragic incident have been nabbed nor victims in this attack have been compensated. Hypocritical behavior of the rulers, sympathy with terrorists are biggest hurdle in the elimination of terrorism. He said that Nawaz government policy regarding Zaireen is condemnable. Asking for NOC in their own country is violation of constitution.

Allama Naqi Haideri said that Shia nation is a guarantor of survival of the country. We will be remain invincible against the conspiracies of anti-state elements.



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